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Friendship Lamps Keep Kids Connected: No Screens Required

September 16, 2021

Friendship lamps offer a space-age solution for an ancient human problem. How can we feel connected even though we are far apart? Friendship lamps can be compared to little lighthouses. They shine across large distances to help children stay connected with their family and friends.

How do friendship lamps work? Two lamps placed in different places communicate with each other via wifi. All you have to is touch the lamp for it to shine. Interconnecting many long-distance friendship lamps allows for entire friend groups to communicate with each other via color light without having to be awake at night looking at a phone. The lamps allow children to easily reach grandparents and other family members, even if they live far away.

Although a friend’s friendly glow is not as good as an in-person visit to the hospital; friendship lamps allow for more frequent communication without having to coordinate schedules or deal with technical issues. One customer commented that the lamp allowed her to communicate with her friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. She said that the lamp was a great way to let her friend know that she cares about her; and that it doesn’t force her to respond when she feels too sick or tired.

Friendship lamps are usable in the same home. Children who have trouble sleeping at night may find it helpful; to be able to communicate with their parents through the lamp. You can also use it to signal to your parent that dinner is ready; and when it’s time for you to go to school. A friendship lamp lets one person tell the other that they are in their thoughts. (Note: The prices below are for two lamps.

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