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Max Greenfield Has Put His Kids to Work — And So Should You

September 16, 2021

Putting kids to work is not a dream of every parent!

Max Greenfield was thrown for a loop by the pandemic, as it did for all other parents in America. For Max Greenfield, a 41-year-old actor, a married father of two, it was a difficult adjustment to be at home all day. He re-evaluated how and who is responsible for the chores in his family.

There wasn’t a problem with the parents, unlike many couples. “We divided our duties in ways that made sense for us. She handles all things that require a brain. He explains that she pays our bills and handles all the important stuff. “I just do physical labor. “I just clean, put things away, and keep things tidy.”

The couple’s children are missing from this equation because they didn’t do much domestic labor before the pandemic.

Greenfield’s view of his children changed when he spent so much time at home with his family. They got used to being the beneficiaries of their parents’ efforts in running the household. He now sees his children as capable collaborators.

In this new dynamic, our kids are not just kids anymore but also roommates. It was a lot about “Hey, I know you’re handling school stuff or at least you tell me so,” Greenfield jokes. It has also become “How can we all be a part in keeping this house running, maintaining it?”

Greenfield is looking for a way to help him with his worst chores.

It’s so much easier to clean the dishes, do the dishes, and put the dishes away when someone else is involved. It’s amazing how many times I have cleaned dishes, then thought, “Oh my God, now I gotta put ‘em in the cupboard?’ and then I just sat there and watched my children do something. It would make my life easier if my children came over to help me.

He recalled the conversation with mixed feelings of relief and pride.

It’s like getting water in the desert. A fresh gulp of water in the desert. And it always feels good to have a conversation with you afterward. It was, I have to tell you, so much easier.

These breakthrough moments may not come often, at least initially, but it is important that parents make sure their children understand the importance of their help around the home, regardless of how long it takes.

Greenfield doesn’t want to return to the pre-pandemic state quo in his home as the outside world opens up to him and his children go back to their regular activities. He isn’t ready to give up on his domestic harmony, even though he isn’t yet in perfect balance.

He says that he can’t let go of his children as helpers. This is solid advice to put kids to work for any parent looking to create a home that everyone can enjoy.