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“Spidey Sense” Is a Tingling Good Time

September 21, 2021

Spidey Sense article was created with the partnership of Disney junior.

Though It’s not as exciting as swinging through New York City’s skyscraper canyons using only the webbing from your wrists and ankles, Spidey Sense is definitely the most potent, well, power. There fore, a spidey-themed party or any children’s get-together, this game is perfect for entertaining large group of friends.

Prep Time: none

Entertainment Time: 15-20 Minutes

Energy Consumed by a Child: Minimal

What You Need In Spidey Sense Game:

  • Optional: A table and four chairs

How to Play Spidey Sense:

Assemble all participants:

While It’s easier to sit around a table, it is certainly possible to play with one in a pinch. Above all, one volunteer per five children (i.e. If there were 10 kids playing, you would choose two volunteers to be the tappers.

Furthermore, The tappers should tap the other participant’s neck until they are invisible. This is where Spidey has his sense. Each tapper should pick a different child. After they are done tapping, they should be next to everyone and ask them to open their eyes

In the meantime, children who were tap specifically should raise their hands and say, “My Spidey Sensibility is tingling” before guessing which tapper touched their neck. They get to tapper the next mistake if they do it correctly. They stay with the Spideys if they do it wrong.

In addition, tappers should be encouraged to choose children in the first place who have never been chosen before to build friendship and inclusion. After a few rounds, everyone should have the opportunity to play as a tapper or tappee. This will help build their Spidey Senses, and foster friendships among their fellow players.


This classic childhood game has a Spidey twist. This game is a great way to get kids to share the spotlight and practice their stealth skills. Miles, Ghost-Spider and Spidey all depend on it. It’s easy enough to play with younger children and engaging enough for older kids not to get bored.

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