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Top 8 Best Bottle Warmer 2021

August 12, 2021

Top 8 Best Bottle Warmers 2021

1. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer


Why we like it: Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer is one of the superior products regarding its quality and the single touch feature. This is exactly what you require when your baby starts crying for the next feed.

Editor’s Rating:

Child-rearing becomes simpler when you have fewer things to focus on. This bottle warmer does a portion of the administration for you to change a diaper while the milk warms up. It will remember your preferred temperature, so you don’t have to set it every time. It will give you both visual and sound cautions when the milk is ready, so you don’t need to keep an eye on it all through.

How Quickly Does it Work?

For 5oz bottles, a normal warm will take around 3 minutes, while frozen milk will warm up in 6 minutes. A 9oz bottle will take you a little more than 5 minutes.

Note that formula milk regularly takes somewhat longer than breast milk.

Ease of Use

The fewer things you need to do, the better it is, and with Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer, you’ll have the option to warm a significant number of bottles before it’s time to add more water again.

Activity is simple and clear because the LCD screen gives you all the required detail, and you have a couple of buttons to press. Likewise, there’s a one-touch feature, so the press of a simple button can get the entire process started.


Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer’s container obliges various bottle sizes, so you don’t need to utilize the brand’s own.

Weight: 2lb

Measurements: 5.5″ x 7.9″ x 9.6″


The outside is smooth, which makes for a simple wipe-down. You can keep the reservoir clean with vinegar, an effective way to counter mold development.

Extraordinary Features/Application

It has an auto shut down mechanism that kicks in after 8 to 10 minutes. This is a safety feature as well as a power-saving factor.

  • Single touch start mechanism
  • Automatic Shut down after 8-10 minutes for power saving
  • Modern look complements with baby’s room or kitchen
  • Switches and buttons are very small
  • TommeeTippee and wide bottles do not fit in this

2. Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer


Why we like it: Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer keeps protection and efforts low with the huge reservoir utilized. You can heat a lot of bottles before the reservoir needs to be filled again.

Editorial manager’s Rating:

In this bottle warmer, you can put nearly anything your child will devour in the following few years. The chamber is sufficiently large to put bottles; however can also take storage packs with frozen food, food jars (even glass), and liner bottles.

The unit is additionally made of excellent quality materials so that it can last you into your youngster’s toddler years.

It’s also amazingly safe to use around the house as it has a convective warming system instead of producing steam.

This isn’t the most mechanized warmer on this rundown since you set the time yourself each time you warm food or liquid. Be that as it may, the way it can warm nearly anything makes it an ultra helpful buy.

How Quick Does it Work?

With the Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer unit, you decide how hot you need the bottle by setting the timeline with the timer provided. This implies you have to test it out and measure to what extent an average bottle takes to warm. From that point on, you just set the clock, place the bottle in the warmer, and afterward, you can walk away.


Dissimilar to certain warmers, you don’t need to quantify a definite water amount for every session. Water remains inside the reservoir and will be reused with each round.

Technical / Specs

You can warm bottles, frozen food bags, and even food jars in Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer.

Weight: 1.85lb

Measurements: 8″ x 8″ x 6″


You will have to de-scale the unit on a month-to-month basis as the water remains inside the reservoir and can begin to form scale or even mold. You can utilize vinegar, cleanser, or bleach to remove the forms. If you don’t do this, the warming parts and components may malfunction.

Special Features/Application

Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer can’t overheat, and it utilizes a low-temperature warming process. It’s called SAFEHeat technology, and this implies the nutrients inside your child’s food or milk won’t be obliterated due to high temperature.

  • Auto shut down mechanism helps conserve energy and avoid overheating of bottle
  • Quick warms up
  • Follows all CDC and USDA guidelines for safely
  • Not a portable unit
  • Keep-warm function not available

3. Tommee Tippee Bottle and Food Warmer


Why we like it: This is the best convenient and portable unit you’ll discover on the market, and it can heat most bottles, bags, and jars.

Editor’s Rating:

Here’s a thermos configuration that is completely balanced for child-rearing in a hurry. You get a thermos flask that keeps water warm for several hours (it does!) and a reservoir in which you’ll pop the bottle to warm it. This buy is about convenience when you’re voyaging.

How Quick Does it Work?

If you are utilizing this unit for high temp water, this unit works surprisingly quickly. The thermos keeps the water hot for a significantly long time, so you can conveniently warm up a container in less than five minutes, even four hours after leaving the house.


You empty boiling water into the thermos portion and afterward pop it into the white container. At the feeding time, you empty the water into the holder and place the bottle inside.

Be careful that the holder and bottle can be hot to the touch, so ensure you place them down someplace instead of holding them all through the process.

Technical / Specs

It’s intended for ‘Closer to Nature’ bottles, so it should fit the vast majority of your bottles and even food jars.

Weight: 1.11lb

Measurements: 3.9″ x 3.9″ x 7.7″


You essentially need to keep the two units clean, and there are no small parts, so it’s too convenient.

Unique Features/Application

Truly this is perhaps only a thermos, yet it’s entirely intended to heat bottles, bags, food jars, and many more, so it’s an absolute necessity to have when traveling and voyaging with your kids.

  • Not expensive
  • Handy and easy to carry when travelling
  • User friendly
  • No power required
  • Not fitting to vehicle cup holders
  • Risky as working with hot water is required

4. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


Why we like it: We love it when one buy can assist you with more than one challenge. With this bottle warmer and sterilizer, you can warm your bottles in minutes—which is astounding—however, you can also utilize the warmed water to clean pacifiers—a helpful two-in-one design.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a compact unit with many features. Joined to the warmer, you’ll discover an estimating vial to measure water for each warm-up and afterward empty it into the warmer. The unit can be utilized for practically any child-related holder, for example, most bottles, containers, jars, and many more. You need to match the water measure with the size and content you want to heat up. The unit’s sleek design occupies little room and looks stylish so that it won’t ruin our kitchen or infant room feel and aesthetic.

How Quick Does it Work?

You coordinate the measure of water to what you need to heat up. At that point, you simply press the button, and the machine heats up, and subsequently, the steam will warm the bottle. It will take 2-5 minutes depending upon whether you’re warming up frozen, defrosted, or room temperature items.

Ease of Use

It requires some exertion and time to organize the water amount with your requirement, which may trouble a few parents. One solution to this could be to prefill the vial when you have a spare moment, so you don’t have to do it in the night when you’re rushed or drowsy or sleepy. The one-touch mechanism and auto shut down features are very helpful.

Technical/ SpecsIt requires a power source, and it can warm up almost all bottle or jar sizes.

Weight: 1.43lbDimensions: 8” x 5” x 5”


The components tend to catch or form mold because of the heat and water and require cleaning daily.

Unique Features/Application

It has a basket that can be used to sterilize bottles in boiling water.

  • Different bottle and jar sizes can be accommodate
  • Comes with Auto shut off
  • Comes with basket to sterilize bottles
  • Less expensive
  • Water measurement is required each warming
  • Required frequent cleaning due to mould formation

5. Munchkin’s High-Speed Bottle Warmers


Why we like it: The key here is speed. For such a reasonable value, you’ll adore how rapidly it heats bottles.

Proofreader’s Rating:

Here’s another sleek structure that is exceptionally amazing. The Munchkin’s bottle warmer warms up quickly since it’s intended to keep the warmth inside and around the bottle rather than letting it get away. It’s very compact so that it won’t occupy a lot of counter space.

There is a worry that a portion of the steam that does escape can consolidate on the top of your bottles. Be cautious that you don’t burn when picking the bottle.

How Quickly Does it Work?

The time relies upon how much and how cold the contents are. Anyway, you can have a warm bottle within as meager as 90 seconds.

Ease of Use

The vial is conspicuously marked to tell you how much water to pour in. At that point, you just place the lifting basket inside along with the bottle and then press the orange switch.

Technical / Specs

It requires power from a wall outlet to work. It fits most jars and bottles. A brief cool-down period is required between warm-ups.

Weight: 1.4lbDimensions: 5.5” x 6” x 6.5”

MaintenanceYou’ll find build-up and mold resulting from the water you use. This can be cleaned with soap or vinegar water.

Unique Features/Application

You can warm up smaller bottles more effectively and easily by utilizing the adapter ring. This stops steam from running out from the sides. The trapped heat warms up bottles quicker.

  • Most bottles and jars can fit in
  • Quick working
  • Lifting basket precludes burns
  • Water measurement is required each time
  • Regular cleaning is required

6. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer


Dr. Earthy colored’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer has basic features like a one-button start and a simple-to-use LCD board. It can also be utilized a few times before emptying, though most bottle warmers need refilling water with each use.


One of the significant advantages of the Dr. Browns model is that you don’t need to empty it with every use.

This works utilizing steam from a water reservoir that can be used a few times as the day progresses. Even though the reservoir is an extraordinary idea, how it is introduced isn’t. You should fill it with water and hold it topsy turvy then fit it. This can be messy.

Since this works with steam rather than by lowering the bottle into the water, you don’t need to figure water levels or stress over the water tipping over.

You can set your required warming time once you understand what works best by utilizing the repeat cycle memory.

Other decent highlights incorporate a one-button start and an audio and visual timer.

Different Considerations

Inside the warmer, a customized basket lets you oblige various sizes. It works at a genuinely fast rate, warming a 9-ounce bottle in only 5 minutes.

Even though this is a quality warmer, it is accessible to parents in the United States and Canada.

A significant drawback of this warmer is its cleaning. Even though it shouldn’t be emptied after every use, it should be cleaned consistently. This is a problem in light of the small parts like the inner side of the reservoir.

After some time, utilizing tap water in the warmer makes particles stick to within the machine. You can prevent this by using refined water. On the off chance that you are not meticulous enough about cleaning, you will see a mold or mildew smell after 7 to 14 days of use of the warmer.

  • Do not have to empty the reservoir after every use
  • Steam warms bottles quickly
  • Repeat cycle memory is very useful
  • User friendly
  • Audio and visual timer
  • Cleaning is time consuming and difficult
  • Reservoir is difficult to fix

7. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer


The rapid Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer won Mom’s Best Pick of 2018. It warms gradually to preserve the nutrients and supplements in infant food and breast milk.


The low warming temperature prevents this hotter from warming up milk excessively and spoiling the nutrients and supplements. All things considered, it works rapidly. Infant food and little bottles take around three minutes, while bigger bottles can take eight minutes. It additionally works with baby cups, which will be valuable when your little one is prepared to progress to a cup.

You can control how rapidly the child’s food or bottle is prepared by modifying the temperature dial for cool or warm heating. A warming reference table is incorporated, which takes out a portion of the guesswork.

It very well may be hard to change the water level, which ought to be equivalent to the bottle’s contents.

Another cool element is the defrost setting for frozen milk. This warms at a higher temperature without causing hotspots that hurt significant nutrients.

Something this hotter is missing is a timer. There is a noticeable light that flashes when the bottle is warmed; be that as it may, you ought to consistently test this to be certain that it has not been warming excessively long.

In the same way as other models, you should unplug this bottle warmer and dump the water after each use.

Other Considerations

This bottle warmer won’t take much space on your counter. It is small and weighs simply 1.4 pounds. Likewise, it is recommended to use ordinary tap water and clean it with refined vinegar and water at regular intervals (4 weeks).

Like most warmers, this is good with a wide scope of bottles.

It is free from BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead.

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Comes with defrost setting for breast milk
  • Can accomodate bottles, baby food jars, and toddler cups
  • Temperature can be adjusted for slow or quick heating
  • No timer available
  • Need to unplug, empty water, and clean after each use

8. KiindeKozii Bottle Warmers


The KiindeKozii Bottle Warmer uses low temperatures and a whirling shower to stay away from hotspots. Like the Philips Avent Bottle Warmer, its attention isn’t on speed. It is on being certain your infant gets the greatest supplements from their bosom milk, equation, or child food once it is heated up.


An auto shut-down feature and low-temperature water bath technique let this warmer preserve the nutrients and supplements in your kid’s milk or baby food.

By and large, 5-8 minutes are expected to warm a bottle. A few parents note that two cycles are expected to thoroughly warm bosom milk from a frozen state.

The one-of-a-kind thing about the KiindeKozii warmer is its twirling bath. To use, you fill the reservoir that fits under the bottle of water. Set the bottle inside its holder and press the start button. The water rises and covers the jug before streaming back into the reservoir. The bath moves the entire time the bottle is being warmed.

Another significant advantage of this warmer is that you don’t need to refill the reservoir each time used.

In any case, there is a safety feature that can be activated when the reservoir begins to get dry. The water will rise, yet it won’t get warm. There are directions for resetting the gadget. If this happens, it must be unplugged, emptied, and reset.

One significant drawback is that this gadget will malfunction permanently if it is operated dry (without water) multiple times. It would help if you kept it full to proceed with its proper functioning.

Different Considerations

The wide scope of compatibility lets this be utilized with metal, glass, and plastic bottles, just as pouches and infant food stockpiling containers. It works particularly well with the KiindeKozii infant bottle and pouch line.

It is additionally safe, being the primary bottle warmer to explicitly hold fast to rules by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

There is some guesswork, as this function utilizing a timer that you set. In any case, included directions and instructions for bottles, child food jars, and more make this somewhat easier.

  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • Uses a circulating bath
  • Follows USDA and CDC rules
  • Works for baby food
  • Works for a wide range of bottles
  • Refilling not required every time
  • Running dry can destroy the warmer
  • Takes two cycles to warm frozen milk